Locally owned and operated, we can be there when needed. We know that our customers help determine our own success, and that is why we offer the promise of showing you a different approach. We'll be there from ideation to the final touches, bringing a wealth of experience, craftsmanship, dedication, and inspiration.

Northrup Roofing
Mark White

Owner/Project Manager

Mark has over 25 years of industry experience and knowledge. He brings a fresh perspective that blends traditional design and detail with a modern sense of style and comfort. Mark's work is unmistakable, bringing warmth and drama to every project Northrup delivers.

Northrup Roofing
Kim Tiefenthaler

Office Manager

Kim keeps all of us in line! Her attention to detail and organizational skills keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. Her experience with accounting, process improvement and customer service provide valuable resources that compliment the goals of our project management team.

Northrup Roofing
Brian Ramsey

Project Manager

Brian is a project manager at Northrup Roofing.

Northrup Roofing
Jarred Close

Lead Carpenter

Jarred is our lead carpenter at Northrup Roofing.

Northrup Roofing
Ben Neitzel

Supply Specialist

Ben is our supply specialist here at Northrup Roofing.

Northrup Roofing
Ron Burgess

Project Manager

With 15 years of woodworking and 10 years of management experience Ron is well versed in the challenges presented by remodeling historic homes.